Vector Recap


Vector Recap#

  • Numpy is the workhorse of data science in Python. Numpy is not only orders of magnitude faster than vanilla Python, but it uses memory much more efficiently,

  • Vectors are collections of data of the same type.

  • Simple vectors can be easily created by passing a list to the np.array() function, or by using the np.arange() function the same way you would use range().

  • You can easily do math between any vector and a scalar/vector of length 1. The operation will just be repeated for each entry in the longer vector.

  • You can also easily do math between a vector and another vector of the same length. Entries in the two vectors will just be matched up pair-wise.

  • If data of different types are passed to the np.array() function, numpy will type promote them to the lowest type that can store all the input types.

Next Steps#

Now that we’re familiar with vectors, let’s do some exercises!